Finding Time to Tame the Frizz

As the days get longer, and so much warmer, I am spending every waking second outside. But we live on the front range and sometimes those days that are blue bird skies, and 60-degree weather are also windy. Maybe that’s a metaphor life? Everything is gunna be so perfect, but there has to be one bummer thing about it?  No way. I suppose we need the wind for energy, to move the seeds of plants from one place to the next to restart life, oh yea, and to cool us down.

On such a lovely day as today, I wanted nothing more than to be outside, playing in the great big playground that is this planet. However, I made my first mistake by agreeing to bike on US 36 towards Lyons, Colorado. Please do not misunderstand me, I absolutely love biking, but the wind and the noises from fast-passing cars terrorizes my over sensitive ears and sends me near to panic attack. But my friend was going, and I agreed. I got my bike gear on in the perfect hours of the morning, Happi Headware and all, and set off. Turned out the sports headband was an even better idea than it normally would have been. My goodness, I thought I’d end up in Oz before I ended up in Lyons it was so windy. But sunny and warm and I tried to keep that in mind.

A few weeks back I had a series of bad luck with flat tires. My one friend suggested I might think about getting new tires, mine were worn down to threads. Me, of course being the forgetful me (yes with all that tamed frizz on my head, there is still some in my head ) forgot completely, partially because I’m lazy and think I do not have time to go into a bike store, and partially because I forgot. (And mostly because tires cost the same as a year’s worth of Ramen, not a lot but enough to make me think about the purchase longer than I should). Well wouldn’t you imagine about 16 miles into the ride, I flat out. Yet again, a different friend says, “Jesus Meg, get new tires, you’re just asking for flats”. If you couldn’t tell, while I love playing sports and living in the outdoors, my knowledge of these sports is something I could I practice. “I know, I know. But I’ve been busy”, I reply.

And then he pointed out the even more obvious: well here I was, wasting even more time changing my tire on the side of the road. Great point; a real punch in the gut, because of course, he was absolutely right. I was wasting my precious hours before work where I was finally able to get quality time with my best friend- mother nature, changing my tires, two time this morning, I might add. I will counter that it is not an entire waste of time, I was still outside and in good company. And while accidental tube flats are certainly something unavoidable, there is a clear difference between those accidents and the events that occur because you are not taking good care of your equipment.

So, the lessons I learned this morning:

1.      Get up and go for a bike ride

2.      Definitely do things that scare or frustrate you

3.      But set yourself up for success and take good care of your things.

4.      Definitely tame the frizz.


No More Excuses

Wake up, grab a cup of coffee, go to class, run home, change, go to work. My routine rarely varies, and it is by all counts, incredibly busy. I make time to study and work, but I struggle to make time to take care of myself on the busiest of days.

It would not be the most difficult to wake up thirty minutes earlier, or to add another layer in the cold. It would not be the hardest thing to just put on my shoes and run, even for twenty minutes.

But here’s the thing: I make excuses. I don’t want to let my hair get frizzy. I don’t want something difficult. I don’t want to sweat excessively. I want the extra sleep. Look, I could keep going for days.

There are so many humps I just had to get over. It’s not about how much fun it’s going to be. It’s about choosing happy in the moments I think it may be more difficult than others. It’s about going and just doing it. I can choose to fight myself and make it out of bed. I can choose to keep pushing through tougher workouts. I can choose to find the right gear to tame the frizz. I can choose to be held accountable for my health.

Happi Headware couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. It’s a tool to use. It looks fashionable, it contains my wild, unruly hair, and it does a great job of soaking up the sweat. My runs are truly happy, and the attitude adjustment was the simple fix. (And of course these headbands!)

The excuses are over, and the decisions are in my hands. Time to choose happy.

Happi Headware Dog.JPG

Tame the Frizz

In the classic emotional wreck moment, I recently decided to chop off all my hair. It was liberating. For so long I had been tied to my long locks, as if my personality depended on my wild and crazy curls. No regrets. I love it. I feel as if I can cut ties with bad habits and seek to be the person I know I can be. That being said, it makes getting my hair out of my face quite the challenge. And then I stumbled upon Happi Headware. They are these sport headbands that stray from the overly “girl” style and replace frills with the outdoor landscapes of the places I’m trying to escape to. They are mountains, skies, trees, and snow. They are where I want to be when I am stuck inside. As someone who grew up as a Nordic skier and mountain biker, and with frizz and curls taking over my face, I know the value of a headband. And I know I don’t want pink sparkles.

Friday morning, I woke up to hike the First Flatiron for the sunrise. Being a college student, a senior none the less, I have found myself stuck in my bed so many of these incredible mornings Boulder has been having. I was choosing nights out with my friends over mornings with the Earth. Don’t get me wrong, I love beer- always have and always will, but it started to become a time sucker of the worst of all kinds, taking out my evenings, and my mornings too. I started to reflect on what it meant to have a happy head. Where had my mind been in all of this? I certainly had not spent much time alone, much time outside, or much time feeling thankful for all that surrounds me. My lifestyle is something I pride myself on, taking health and happiness as priority. But somewhere that had morphed into hiking with a hangover, and all too often, not hiking at all. I had not been focused on finding my adventure but rather finding myself in my bed, every Saturday morning.

The slogan for these headbands, “Tame the Frizz”, started to mean a lot more. I had all this frizz in my life- things I was doing that didn’t represent who I was. Frizz of the habits I let drag me down. Then I thought about the mountains that dawned the headbands I use to “tame my frizz”. Could the real ones tame the other stuff too?

People talk about all the things they don’t want to miss out on in college. I, of all people, understand that. We go to bars or parties, stay up late with friends, and I will cherish those moments forever, but as I watched the sun wash Boulder in a new morning, I couldn’t help but think about all the sunrises I have missed, all the adventures I had not found. And all the mountains I love that I haven’t spent quality time with. I made my head happy again. While I am sure I have both late nights and early mornings in my future, a trade of my wild nights for jaw-dropping mornings, is an easy upgrade. I have missed out on one too many sunrises already. These are the moments I hope I take with me from college, the times when I found myself feeling lucky beyond compare, because I get to go to school in Boulder, the most beautiful place on Earth. These moments, whether it’s with friends or alone, are the times I hope I am afraid to miss, because I love this Earth, and I have felt empty without her.